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They say “A good lawyer is not one who knows what the law is, but one who knows where the law is!” Judgment window is an attempt to help finding ‘where the law is’! The website is an enterprise of ABC publication. The sisters concern of the Judgment window are journals like ‘Acquittal & Bail Cases’ & ‘Women Matters Reporter’ and web portal www.callabook.in (India’s first online & Tele platform to order law books and law software of all publishers). Judgment window is designed to match with the needs of new age lawyer. Today the importance of information technology cannot be over looked in the legal field. Because of prompt reporting of latest judgments and unique search features more and more lawyers are resorting to information technology. And Judgment window is an attempt to provide a user friendly system to the lawyers. Keeping this objective in sight the website has been armed with a latest, advanced and powerful search engine to make the search efficient and pointed. Judgment window is the result of views, suggestions and inputs from our readers and users. When we look back to evaluate our growth process, we find a consolidated stock of intended and vicarious efforts of our readers and users. Therefore we listen and take the time to understand our users and take their reactions most seriously. The views and opinions of the users are always welcome to make this website easy to access and effective.


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