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LAW OF RELIEF Without essential ingredients ?to illicit intercourse with another person? conviction u/s Section 366-A is not sustainable. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF The arrest of accused from his home casts a shadow of doubt on the allegation of abscondence by prosecution. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF Mere rejection of the expert evidence by itself may not warrant initiation of proceedings under Section 340 of CrPC. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF Noncompliance of orders has to be interpreted in favour of the accused. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF The only requirement for entertaining anticipatory bail is a reasonable apprehension of arrest in a non-bailable offence. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF The power of arrest as well as the power to remand cannot be exercised in a casual manner. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF When one set of panchas was already available, calling a different set is artificiality in the prosecution case. PDF
LAW OF RELIEF The word ?likely? used in section 498-A has been interpreted to show ?probability? and stands on a higher footing than a mere ?possibility?. PDF